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BroadView Software at IBC 2015: OnDemand 2.0, Programming Transform Media Operations

TORONTO, Ontario (IBC Stand 2.A41/Ontario Pavilion) - August 26, 2015 - IBC 2015 promises to be a turning point in the European market for media management systems as BroadView Software increases its profile there.

"While we have long had a strong presence in North America, we have been developing our plans to create a significant presence in the European market," said Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President. "Now, following sucess in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, we are prepared to focus our efforts in Europe."

Of particular interest at the show will be a demonstration of the new OnDemand 2.0 system. BroadView's senior executives and technologists detail how this is revolutionizing the transition from traditional linear program streams to viewer-driven multiplatform viewing.

BroadView's OnDemand 2.0 toolset is a robust end-to-end production platform that enables efficient, cost-effective multiplatform content scheduling and preparation system. The fully-integrated next-generation solution is the result of nearly a decade's development. It is the product of real-world problem-solving that provides broadcasters, cable networks, and other media companies a practical approach to managing content for audiences increasingly fractured by the proliferation of platforms.

"While others are scrambling to bring v1.0 of their multiplatform solution to market, BroadView's OnDemand 2.0 is field-tested and ready for deployment," said Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President. "Our first-generation tools have been widely adopted since 2006, mostly to address the challenge of settop VOD. Now, v2.0 is targeted to address the vast array of web, mobile-enabled and tablet platforms that are transforming television."

Since its introduction earlier this year at NAB, OnDemand 2.0 has already been implemented at several noted media companies, with others preparing to roll-out theirs soon.

Other highlights as well as innovative traffic and programming modules, with personal consultations available to fit these solutions to particular needs.


About BroadView Software: BroadView Software Inc. is the choice of Broadcast Operators, Ad Sales Professionals, CIOs and CFOs alike for information-management solutions in today's multiplatform media environment. BroadView's comprehensive toolset for programming, traffic and sales operates seamlessly across online, OnDemand, broadcast, satellite and cable. The core system's highly configurable architecture makes it a cost-effective fit for most. For enterprises with custom needs, BroadView is also a well-established technology partner for OnDemand, linear scheduling, workflow, and content and media management. BroadView's seventh generation technology provides industry-leading functionality and ease-of-use. This, combined with expertise in integrations, training and support maximizes value and increases profitability for our clients.

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