BroadStream Solutions Announces New ARMADA Toolkit at IBC

BroadStream Solutions, the global broadcast solutions provider, will unveil ARMADA, the Company's new fleet of applications that can be combined and configured to handle specialized tasks and enhanced integration. Adapting to customer requirements, ARMADA's toolkit uses flexible modules to deliver powerful tailored solutions to requirements such as time delay, media ingest, localization, and more. The inherent flexibility of ARMADA allows broadcasters to build systems without restrictions thanks to powerful APIs that encourage integration.

“Since ARMADA is a completely software based solution, customers and integrators have the freedom to build systems to suit their exact requirements as opposed to adopting a “one size fits all” approach offered by other suppliers,” said Peter Wharton, VP Technology & Business Development at BroadStream. “We realize broadcasters have unique challenges in terms of geographic locations as well as disparate systems, so while customization and integration is fundamental, keeping the implementation as simple as possible is equally important.”

Some of the specialized applications for ARMADA include:


Radar adds a MAM and orchestration layer over the OASYS Automated Playout Solution.  This, as the name implies, allows users to search for and pick up objects, then move them around the entire broadcast network, playing out centrally, at the Edge or the Cloud, controlling the end to end process from any connected browser.

Time Delay

Time delay applications created with ARMADA can be used for live event production, time zone delays and a range of other applications.

Key features include:

  • Playout immediately after record is started
  • Variable delay
  • Real-time control


ARMADA apps can be used to create solutions for the regionalization and localization of feeds.

Key features include:

  • Local commercial insertion
  • Local program substitution (blackout coverage)
  • In-band triggers
  • Playlist-driven insertion
  • Localized branding
  • Localized language substitution with audio track shuffling and subtitle management
  • Evergreen playout redundancy coverage

Media Ingest 

Media ingest solutions can be created with ARMADA to manage the recording of live video feeds.

Key features include:

  • Scheduled or manual recording
  • Ganged recording to allow simultaneous recording across any number of ingest channels
  • Immediate read-write confidence playback for mission critical applications          

BroadStream's new ARMADA solution toolkit is available now worldwide.  It will be showcased for the first time at IBC 2014 on Stand 8.B.29 and is part of the full suite of BroadStream playout solutions.