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Bringing a Future-Proof IP Migration Strategy to U.S. Customers: Barnfind Americas at InfoComm 2015

InfoComm 2015
Barnfind Americas
Booth 5264
June 13-19

At InfoComm 2015, Barnfind Americas will showcase its family of transport solutions designed to streamline and simplify IP operations in the media environments of today and tomorrow -- including its flagship BarnOne multifunctional signal transport platform, BarnMini compact transport devices, and family of small form-factor pluggable (SFP) devices. Working in tandem, these products will be featured in several live demonstrations of IP-based signal transport. Ideal for fiber transport, multiplexing, routing, conversion, distribution, IP/Ethernet, 4K workflows, and CAM-CCU, Barnfind's solutions support many input formats and SFP devices -- making it easy to add capacity or change signals as operations evolve. Barnfind solutions enable digital media service delivery in a wide range of environments including broadcast, campus networks, defense, digital signage, events and sports, houses of worship, oil and gas, and telemedicine. 

Barnfind BarnOne Multifunctional Signal Transport Platform 
Barnfind's flagship solution, BarnOne, allows numerous signals in one frame while consuming little power. BarnOne supports common video and telecommunications formats including SMPTE-2022-6, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G, HDMI, DVI, 4K 60p, SDTI (EVS), black burst, CAM-CCU, AES, MADI, KVM, IP/Ethernet, and STM-1 telco. All BarnOne frames are equipped with a full 32 x 32 crosspoint matrix that can route, switch, and duplicate any optical or coaxial input to any output. They provide reclocking on all outputs (BNCs and SFPs), reference input, full redundancy, and the capability of integrated CWDM/DWDM multiplexing. 

Image Caption: Barnfind BarnOne Family of Products

Image Caption: Barnfind BarnOne

Barnfind BarnMini Compact Transport Devices
Also on display at InfoComm 2015 are Barnfind's BarnMini family of small portable, low-cost devices for the single-channel extension of BNC, SFP, and/or HDMI connections. Each single-channel BarnMini device can be installed quickly and easily, making it ideal in applications such as portable flypacks on production locations and vehicles. 

Image Caption: Barnfind BarnMini 2

Image Caption: Barnfind BarnMini 3 and BarnMini 4

Barnfind Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFPs)
Barnfind offers many of its own cost-effective SFPs, and its products are compatible with other manufacturers' MSA-compliant SFPs. At InfoComm 2015, Barnfind Americas will present several live demonstrations of IP-based signal transport using a combination of its SFPs, BarnOne, and BarnMini transport devices. 

Image Caption: Barnfind Small Form-Factor Pluggables 


"For many U.S. media enterprises, making the switch to IP operations is a top priority -- but it can be a challenging proposition. At our InfoComm debut, we're looking forward to showing attendees how our award-winning solutions can help operations ease the transition from baseband video to IP workflows with a flexible system that can meet today's needs and then be easily expanded for tomorrow's requirements. For example, our solutions accept any SFP, and we're prepared for any new ones that will emerge, with the ability to handle signals up to 10Gbps." 
-- John Brendle, Director of Technology, Barnfind Americas 

Company Overview

Barnfind Americas is the U.S.-based presence for the Norwegian manufacturer Barnfind Technologies. The company's fiber transmission equipment provides a flexible, innovative, multifunctional, and signal-neutral transport platform for a wide variety of media environments including production, postproduction, and live mobile broadcasting for sports and special events. Barnfind's award-winning products and solutions are compatible with all major industry standards, ruggedized for reliability in even the most challenging environments, and optimized for low-energy operation. Barnfind Americas is the master distributor for Barnfind Technologies in North America, and offers integration, technical support, and repair services.