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Booxmedia launches instant Video-on-Demand product “Booxcloud”


Booxmedia launches Instant VOD – a fully managed cloud-TV kit allowing individual content owners to deploy stand-alone video streaming services with minimum effort, time and cost. Booxmedia believes popular content titles will be able to attract audience through stand-alone VOD services, complementing their existing revenue from aggregated services and linear television.

Content owners are seeing consumers increasingly move to online properties, such as Youtube, Vimeo while torrent networks pose a risk of revenue loss. There are some successful digital distribution business models, such as Netflix, but digital retail is still an early market and commercial digital content sales channels in any given territory are scarce. Until now, content owners have not been able to effectively monetize their assets despite huge consumer interest and increasing streaming traffic, and that’s where the Booxmedia services come in.

Your child wants to see Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, a big hit for the Cartoon Network in America, or you’re nostalgic moment calls for British police drama Heartbeat. Where do you go if they are not available on Netflix or your local TV catch-up service?” asks Jaakko Ollila, VP Sales Booxmedia. “We believe individual titles, characters and series can attract audiences and incremental online revenue provided that a dedicated application can be launched with minimum cost and without any technical skills. Individual content right owners are typically small teams. If you just have the content library we can handle the rest, with “Booxcloud” a revolutionary, 100% Sofware-as-as-Service product” Ollila said.

The standard, ready-to-deploy service with mere branding changes includes the following features:

- HTML5 user-interface for all browser-enabled devices
- Branding according to templates provided by Booxmedia
- UI localisation support: English, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Russian
- SD quality streaming
- Booxmedia Content Management System (CMS) and Stats tools available for content upload & ingest, end-user tracking and content & revenue reporting and optimisation
- sVOD only, monthly price determined by the customer via Booxmedia CMS tools
- Customer payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
- Delivered from Booxmedia cloud

The following optional features can be further customized based on ready-made building blocks:

- Native iOS, Android and Windows Phone clients (including geoblocking) and related appstore distribution
- HD quality streaming
- tVOD, aVOD
- Live channels, network recording (nPVR) and catch-up libraries
- Targeted video ads (preroll, midroll)
- Content recommendations
- Social sharing

Netflix has educated the market well and people are ready to pay for premium content. Booxmedia believes that in the near future, consumers have the choice between local IPTV services, aggregated OTT entertainment bundles, as well as plethora of individual title-specific VOD apps. With this new offering, Booxmedia calls for individual content owners to capitalize on their fan bases and thus tap into an additional revenue stream by making their content available their dedicated VOD services. Booxmedia Cloud TV Suite handles the entire process from content upload to discovery, payment, streaming and reporting on either revenue-share or monthly rate basis.

Contact for further details, including pricing, or to to sign up for a tailoreded plan.

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Booxmedia press enquiries:
Phone: +44 203 290 0018
Mobile: +358 40 757 4814
Skype: davidsfpr

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Background Booxmedia:
Booxmedia is a leading innovator in the cloud-TV technology solutions sector servicing major international media companies and service providers. Booxmedia enables content owners to benefit financially from distributing premium content in an encrypted secure format, suitable for any screen, including tablets, computers, smart phones and smart-TVs. Founded in 2009, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, Booxmedia is expanding internationally and boasts customers in Europe and North America.