Bonten Media Group SVP/CFO Scott Moody Named Chief Operating Officer

New York, NY – Scott Moody has been named Chief Operating Officer of Bonten Media Group Inc. Moody also continues his role as Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

Moody joined Bonten as Senior Vice President and CFO in October 2008. He came to Bonten from CBS where he was Vice President, Corporate Development. Prior to joining CBS, Moody was Chief Financial Officer for Digital Media at NBC Universal. Earlier in his career he worked for Hallmark Entertainment and the investment banking division of Smith Barney.

“Over the years, Scott’s portfolio has grown to encompass much more than that of a traditional CFO,” said Randall D. Bongarten, Chairman and CEO. “The Company benefits greatly from his leadership and breadth of expertise, and this new title more aptly recognizes Scott’s contributions and responsibilities.”

“I truly appreciate this recognition and the support that the Finance team receives from Randy, both to transform our function and also to take on new challenges,” added Moody. “Learning is a big part of the culture here, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with so many talented people.”

Bonten Media Group owns and operates thirty-three network-affiliated full-power, low-power and digital multicast television stations in eight markets, including: WCYB (NBC) and CW – 4 (CW), Tri-Cities, TN/VA; WCTI (ABC), Greenville – New Bern, NC; KRCR (ABC), Chico – Redding, CA; KTXS (ABC), KTES-LP (MeTV) and CW Abilene (CW), Abilene, TX; KECI/KCFW (NBC), Missoula, MT; KTVM (NBC), Butte – Bozeman, MT; KTXE-LP (ABC), San Angelo, TX; and KAEF (ABC), Eureka, CA. Additional low-power and digital channels in various markets include MOVIES! (Greenville – New Bern, Chico-Redding, Abilene, Missoula, Butte – Bozeman, Eureka); MeTV (Missoula, Butte – Bozeman, Chico – Redding, Eureka); Decades (Tri – Cities, Greenville – New Bern); AntennaTV (Chico – Redding); CW (Eureka); MyNet (Chico-Redding, Eureka); Univision (Chico – Redding, Eureka); and Unimas (Chico – Redding).

Bonten, via JSA/SSA agreements, also provides sales and operating services to Esteem Broadcasting, the owner of eight network-affiliated and digital multicast stations in four markets, including: WEMT (FOX), Tri – Cities TN/VA; WFXI/WYDO (FOX), Greenville – New Bern, NC; KCVU (FOX), Chico – Redding, CA; and KBVU (FOX), Eureka, CA. Additional digital channels include: MOVIES! (Tri –Cities); BounceTV (Greenville – New Bern); and COZI (Chico – Redding, Eureka).