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BCCA Announces Sessions and Expert Presenters for Media Credit Seminar in NYC on Oct. 8

BCCA, the media industry’s credit association, today announced the sessions and expert presenters scheduled for a full-day seminar focusing on high level credit-related issues for the media industry’s credit professionals. The BCCA Media Credit Seminar is scheduled for Thursday, October 8, at the offices of Offices of Lowenstein Sandler, which are located at 1251 Avenue of the Americas, 17th Floor in New York City.

Featured sessions and speakers for the event will include:

• Industry Economics & Trends Update – a presentation by Richard Hastings, Macro Strategist, Seaport Global Securities LLC.

• Transition and New Roles at the Agency - Moderated by Christine Lipani, Credit & Collections Manager for AMC Networks, the session’s panelists will include Havas Media’s SVP of Finance, Dina Bank, Laura McElhinney, SVP of Media Technology for Havas, and Randy Schoenfeld, the agency’s Director of Media Controls.

• CreditWhys...What is it and How Do We Utilize It?- a discussion of the new “Media Whys” credit report from BCCA, led by Mary M. Collins, MFM/BCCA President &CEO, and Mark Kohls, National Account Executive for Business Credit Reports.

• What Today’s Credit Professional Needs to Know About Reading (and Using) Financial Statements –Moderated by Morgan Siller, Finance Analyst at Bonten Media, the session’s presenters will include Deb Donaldson, Bonten Media’s VP & Corporate Controller.

• DSO (Day Sales Outstanding) and Other Methods of Measurement – a discussion of benchmarks used to monitor accounts receivables led by Scott Jenkins, Sr. Mgr of TWDC Collections for ABC Networks/Disney Worldwide Services.

• Digital Credit & Sales: Difference vs. Similarities – a presentation by Eileen Sweeney, AR Manager for Outbrain, one of the world’s leading content discovery platforms.

• Traffic Systems: A Spotlight on Your Credit Management System – Moderated by Ana Townsend, Assistant Controller at Bonten Media, speakers will include Tricia Patterson, Director of Sales Engineering at WideOrbit; and Sharon Simmers, Professional Services Consultant for Imagine Communications.

• The Changing Face of Chapter 11-The Relativity Media and Columbia House Chapter 11s, and a Company Study, presented by Bruce S. Nathan and Kenneth A. Rosen, Partners and bankruptcy law experts with Lowenstein Sandler LLP, a nationally recognized top-ranked business law firm.

“Thanks to the efforts of our BCCA Credit Seminar Committee, we have assembled an outstanding lineup of topics and experts for ensuring the industry’s credit professionals are ready to overcome the coming year’s challenges and seize its opportunities,” said Mary M. Collins, President & CEO of BCCA and MFM, the Media Financial Management Association.

In addition to the formal sessions, the event will serve as an opportunity for media credit professionals and executives from across the country to come together to share ideas and best practices for the ever-changing media credit and collections function. The seminar will also feature a closing reception that is open to reception-only registrants as well as seminar attendees as well as a mini-expo for companies and organizations that support the industry’s credit and collections programs to provide updates on their products and services. More information about the BCCA Media Credit Seminar may be found on BCCA’s Web site, at

About MFM and BCCA: Media Financial Management Association (MFM) is the premiere resource for financial professionals for media industry education, networking, and information sharing throughout the U.S. and Canada. More information about MFM is available on its Web site: Its BCCA subsidiary serves as the media industry’s credit association. BCCA’s revenue management services encompass a variety of credit reports on national and local media advertisers, including Media Whys, a credit report for media businesses which offers a credit score based on industry-specific aging combined with trade data from Experian or D+B. More information about BCCA is available at