B4U Television Network Transitions Global Operations to Amagi's CLOUDPORT Broadcast Platform

LONDON, UK -- Feb. 2, 2016 -- Amagi, a leader in cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising, today announced that B4U Television Network, one of the foremost Asian television networks to pioneer Bollywood and Indian entertainment worldwide, has now chosen Amagi's CLOUDPORT 2.0 channel playout platform for its global operations following the successful implementation in India last year. 

Utilizing the next-generation channel playout platform, B4U Television Network is now delivering its popular B4U Movies and B4U Music TV channels in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, U.K., Mauritius, and APAC regions as well as its B4U Aflam and B4U Plus TV channels in the Middle East. CLOUDPORT provides B4U with an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure that integrates well with satellite and fiber-based delivery models used in certain geographies of the TV network's operations.

"The traditional playout approach we were using was not only expensive but also restrictive in terms of the lack of ability to scale, accessibility across locations, frequent technology upgrades, and disaster recovery safeguards. We needed a playout solution that would reduce costs without compromising broadcast quality," said Ashok Shenoy, Head of B4U International Business. "Transitioning from a traditional playout model to a next-generation cloud infrastructure powered by Amagi's playout platform has allowed us to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology adoption. CLOUDPORT increases the flexibility of our broadcast workflow, making it easy for us to deliver content relevant to each region while reducing OPEX and CAPEX."

B4U Television Network has migrated all of its content assets previously hosted in legacy data centers to the cloud. In addition to remote asset management and playlist scheduling, Amagi's CLOUDPORT platform supports advanced dynamic graphics capabilities, enabling B4U Television Network to provide a rich viewing experience to subscribers. This feature is especially useful for B4U's music and movie channels that feature advanced digital video effects.

With content hosted on the cloud, B4U Television Network has transparent and remote access to the entire playout chain and feed, all from CLOUDPORT's Web-based user interface. By providing more visibility and control over TV channels, CLOUDPORT makes it easy for the network to manage multiple channels with distribution across disparate regions of the world. Since Amagi offers seamless integration with third-party scheduling, automation, and asset management systems, B4U was able to quickly adopt the CLOUDPORT platform with minimal changes to its existing workflows. 

"Amagi is proud to be B4U Television Network's global playout partner. We are delighted to extend the efficiencies, cost savings, and flexibility that CLOUDPORT offers to B4U's bouquet of channels," said K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi. "As B4U looks to monetize and expand into new geographies in the future, Amagi will enable new feeds to be launched in less than four weeks, supporting multiple delivery models of cloud, satellite, and fiber with a natural extension to OTT multiscreen experience. This is precisely why CLOUDPORT is a future-ready playout platform."

More information about Amagi and the company's products is available at www.amagi.com.

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