AVIWEST Raises €8 Million in Series B Funding Round

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — Jan. 29, 2020 — AVIWEST, a leader in providing video contribution systems, today announced that the company has completed a series B fundraising round with an €8 million investment from Go Capital, Turenne Group, Sodero Gestion, and UNEXO, Groupe Crédit Agricole.

The new investment will contribute to AVIWEST's rapid growth of innovative services and strengthen its commercial presence in markets associated with live video production-contribution and IP connectivity.

Live video production and contribution is a booming industry and its growth trends for the coming years offer AVIWEST numerous opportunities for developing new innovative products and solutions, along with high added-value services.

"New media are constantly emerging and live video coverage around the world is increasing, further building the case as to why bonded, unmanaged IP networks are a smart choice for delivering high-quality live event coverage," said Ronan Poullaouec, chief technology officer at AVIWEST. "With the global rollout of 5G networks currently underway, broadcasters will see a lot of benefits in video contribution. Using our Emmy® award-winning bonded, unmanaged IP network technology, which includes a best-in-class hardware encoding platform, professionals in the video business can address the growing demand for high-quality live video coverage of sports, breaking news, and other events in the most affordable and bandwidth-efficient way, from anywhere in the world."

AVIWEST plans to increase its innovation and maintain its agility and reactivity to continue offering powerful and reliable top-notch live video contribution solutions.

"Thanks to our new investment, we will continue to work hard to increase our presence in markets associated with IP connectivity and strengthen our business worldwide, especially in China and the U.S., which both represent an important part of our global market," said Erwan Gasc, CEO at AVIWEST. "It will also allow us to recruit around 50 new people over the coming months."

For more information on AVIWEST visit www.aviwest.com.

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About AVIWEST (www.aviwest.com)
AVIWEST is dedicated to helping its customers respond to live video production and contribution challenges by providing them with cost-effective and reliable systems that guarantee exceptional video quality from any location around the world. Its complete ecosystem includes a full range of mobile devices, from live video applications for smartphones to industry-leading video transmitters and encoders, transceivers and decoders platforms, as well as a cloud-based management system with live video service capabilities.

AVIWEST, headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, Western France, supports broadcasters and other video professionals worldwide through international sales offices and distribution networks across more than 160 countries.

About UNEXO Crédit Agricole Group
UNEXO is a private equity company that was established in 1993 and is a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Group, France's leading bank. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs at various stages of growth: from venture capital to growth capital, leveraged buyout, and private debt. UNEXO operates in the western part of France as a minority shareholder and contributes to the long-term economic development of more than 100 companies.

Key figures: €300 million under management, 20 employees, 100 companies in portfolio, as part of a total of 300 supported since 1993.

For more information: www.unexo.fr / LinkedIn: UNEXO
Contact: Hélène Martin – Tél :02 99 67 99 08 hmartin@unexo.fr

GO CAPITAL (www.gocapital.fr) is an independent venture capital firm specialized in financing innovative high-tech companies. The fund invests in start-up and early-stage companies with high growth potential. GO CAPITAL was established in 2003 and operates in the western part of France.

Key figures: €200 million under management, 16 employees, 60 companies in portfolio, over 100 supported since 2003.

For more information: www.gocapital.fr
Contact: Bertrand Distinguin – Tél : 02 99 35 04 00 - bertrand.distinguin@gocapital.fr

Over the last 20 years, the Turenne Group, a leading private equity firm in France, has helped business owners carry out their innovation, development, and transfer projects. As an independent player, the Group managed €1 billion as of 30 June 2019. It employs 62 professionals, including 46 investors, based in Paris, Lille (Nord Capital), Lyon, Marseille and Metz, who provide assistance to more than 250 business leaders representing 33,000 jobs in the healthcare, hospitality, new technologies, distribution, or innovative services sectors.

The Turenne Group advocates a Socially Responsible Investor approach. It provides financial support and runs the Béatrice Denys Foundation for Therapeutic Innovation, which rewards the most successful projects within French academic medical research, under the auspices of the Foundation for Medical Research.

Key figures: €1 billion under management, 62 employees, +250 companies in portfolio.

For more information: www.turennecapital.com
Contact: Josepha Montana - 01 53 43 03 00 | 06 01 21 21 49 - jmontana@turennecapital.com

Sodero Gestion, a subsidiary of Caisse d'Epargne Bretagne Pays de Loire, is a leading private equity company in the western part of France, with offices in Nantes, Rennes, and Brest. For 60 years, our commitment is to finance the growth and sustainability of regional businesses, with minority and majority investment at every key stage of company's life: creation, development, and transmission.

Key figures: €200 million under management, 20 employees, 120 companies in portfolio.

For more information: www.soderogestion.fr
Contact: Matthieu Simon – Tél : 02 40 41 52 24 matthieu.simon@soderogestion.fr

About PAX Corporate Finance
Founded in 2003, PAX Corporate Finance is an independent investment bank. We support companies and their shareholders over the long run for any problems they may have with fundraising (venture, development), acquisition (local, cross border), industrial assignment or LBO, structured financing, and stock exchange transactions (IPO, capital raising). PAX Corporate Finance is one of the French leaders of the small and medium-sized transaction market. Our wide range of financial consulting services allows us to accompany the company in the different stages of its development with an approach that is always customized. Each of our employees develops a strong sectorial specialization allowing them to combine financial expertise with an understanding of our clients' businesses.

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