At IBC2019, AVIWEST will demonstrate the latest innovations and enhancements in live video contribution, distribution, and connectivity solutions. Using AVIWEST's advanced video contribution platform, broadcasters can capture and deliver live 4K, HD, and SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G — and now 5G — cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links. This is made possible thanks to AVIWEST's proprietary IP bonding technology, which was recently honored with the prestigious NATAS Emmy® Award.

Expect More From Your At-Home Production With AVIWEST SST Protocol
AVIWEST will present its cutting-edge SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol aggregating multiple IP links at IBC2019. During the show, broadcasters will discover how they can considerably enhance their overall live video production and distribution workflow with innovative functionalities (e.g., data hotspot, remote control, video return, intercom), and without compromising the quality of the stream.

Available on-premises, as a cloud-based service, and now as a software container for third-party integration, this transport protocol provides video professionals with a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-deploy end-to-end video experience.

The new SST software container ensures interoperability between the AVIWEST ecosystem and any third-party solutions (e.g., Harmonic, Newsbridge, EVS, Vodalys). AVIWEST is the first vendor proposing a fully agnostic live video contribution solution integrated with other production systems.

Future Zone | 5G Network Slicing Demonstration
At the IBC Future Zone, AVIWEST, in partnership with the French Technology Research Institute b<>com, will showcase the performance level of a 5G network and network slicing technology.

In live video production, having reliable and secure connectivity is key. 5G networks, with slicing and QoS management capabilities, offer an extremely cost-effective live production solution, even where there is poor pre-existing infrastructure or where the cellular network is congested.

AVIWEST will demonstrate, with its bonded cellular AIR Series transmitter, how slicing can be used in order to ensure that proprietary capture is associated with proprietary transport for video production.

New Features for Flagship PRO3 and AIR Series
The latest AVIWEST PRO3 and AIR Series will be displayed with two all-new features: the hot folder and the high-speed data hotspot feature.

• The hot folder feature enables fast, reliable, and automatic real-time file transmission over unmanaged networks wherever the action is.
• Leveraging the transmitter's internet connections, PRO and AIR act as a router and create a hotspot, which is a physical location where devices such as laptops, phones, and others can connect to the internet.

Those two mobile bonded cellular transmitters are definitively perfect for on-the-go broadcasters, providing them with portable, versatile, and robust solutions.

Company Overview:
AVIWEST is dedicated to helping its customers respond to present and future live video production and contribution challenges by providing them with cost-effective and reliable systems that guarantee exceptional video quality from any location around the world. Its complete ecosystem comprises a full range of mobile devices, from smartphone live video applications to industry-leading video transmitters and encoders, transceiver and decoder platforms, as well as a cloud-based management system with live video added-value services.

Headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, Western France, AVIWEST supports broadcasters and other video professionals worldwide through international sales offices and distribution networks across more than 160 countries.

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AVIWEST AIR Series Video Uplink System

AVIWEST PRO3 Series Video Uplink System