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ASL Intercom Products at InfoComm MEA 2017

InfoComm MEA 2017 Product Preview
ASL Intercom
Booth C5-10 (With Thomsun Trading)

ASL Intercom Products at InfoComm MEA 2017

At InfoComm MEA 2017, ASL Intercom is partnering with Thomsun Trading, the company's distributor in the Middle East. Thomsun is a full-service provider of end-to-end audio and video solutions based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ASL Intercom will showcase its line of economical party line solutions suited to the extreme demands of live entertainment and broadcast productions in both portable and installed systems.

Flexus Digital Party Line System
At InfoComm MEA 2017, ASL will showcase Flexus, the company's flagship digital party line system for 16-bit, 48 kHz uncompressed audio. Supporting multiple standards (Dante, AES67, AVB, and RAVENNA) within a single system, Flexus offers an impressive feature set and the flexibility of using either daisy-chain or Ethernet-based network configurations, or both, from a single master station. One master station can connect up to 24 remote units (belt packs or speaker stations), and up to four master stations can be linked via Gigabit Ethernet for a maximum of 96 user stations in a single, fully integrated system. All speaker stations have six multifunction channels, with each channel programmable for Listen Only audio, GPO relay, or as an integrated Cue Light channel using the ASL Digital Cue Light system.

Enchorus: Reliable Dante™ Format Converters for Modern AV Professionals
Enchorus offers a professional, flexible, and scalable Dante™ solution for live stage applications, production studios, and other pro AV installations. Each of the four modules in the Enchorus series is designed specifically for the stage, delivering superior audio quality and guaranteed synchronization even across multiple switches. With various AES3 and analog audio inputs and outputs, the modules are ideal for feeding analog and digital power amplifiers, connecting effects devices in a side rack, monitoring, press feeds, and many other uses.

The devices are easy, quick, and intuitive to install and can be configured very rapidly via the integrated web service. Developed with live situations and frequent, fast change-overs in mind, Enchorus devices can be conveniently located close to their sources and destinations, removing the need for DI boxes.

Company Profile:
A Riedel Communications company, ASL Intercom offers rugged, reliable, flexible, and high-quality digital and analog intercom and digital party line systems for live sound, theatre, fixed installations, and broadcast. ASL's communications solutions are used in many complex, multi-use facilities, such as the Elisabethzaal in Antwerp and TV München in Munich. Headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, ASL Intercom was established in 1985.

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