ASG Surpasses 100 NetApp E-Series Video and Film Production Deployments

EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- Feb. 23, 2016 -- Advanced Systems Group LLC (ASG), a leading media systems integration firm based in Emeryville, California, today announced it has more than 100 film- and video-production and postproduction clients using NetApp's E-Series storage systems. The deployments ensure customers have sufficient bandwidth and concurrency to deliver production-level video assets to multiple creatives in real time and the reliability to meet 24/7 service level agreements.

"In the video- and film-production world, digital storage has transitioned from being a useful part of the process to being the central hub of the process. As such, the value of tier-one products such as the NetApp E-Series has become not just desired, but critical," said Dave Van Hoy, founder and president, ASG. "NetApp brings a level of quality and engineering that is very high for these applications and a unique support organization that provides our customers better uptime than any of our other disk vendors. In particular, NetApp's 'phone home' feature allows us to see potential problems before they become problems for our clients. Clients value this highly."

The NetApp E-Series systems are deployed for a wide variety of use cases, including broadcast, corporate video production, television and feature film postproduction, Web video streaming, and news and entertainment production for websites. ASG clients rely on NetApp to provide a degree of reliability that is difficult to achieve at this level of performance. 

The NetApp systems offer exceptional performance for demanding, bandwidth-hungry applications, but the true differentiator for ASG and its clients is NetApp's support and commitment to customer uptime. In particular, the unique phone home feature is especially valuable because it uses analytics to predict failures and alert ASG before they happen, ensuring that ASG can address the problem before it affects the customer.

"That kind of intelligence and monitoring on block-level storage is unique. No other block-storage vendor has the intelligence in its controllers to predict failures before they happen," Van Hoy said. "Recently, NetApp notified us of a potential problem days in advance, so by the time I made the first call to the client, the remedy was already in motion."

"With NetApp E-Series under the Quantum StorNext parallel file system, ASG has been able to provide cost-effective, high-quality storage capabilities to a broad swath of customers with many different needs," said Jason Danielson, media and entertainment solution marketing manager at NetApp. "NetApp appreciates ASG's commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it is for a 2-RU storage array for a small corporate video department or a petabyte of media storage for a global Internet media powerhouse, ASG stands behind its work and the products it sells, and we're pleased to be a part of the solution for so many of its customers."

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