Antelope Audio Announces Synergy Bundle in Partnership with PreSonus and Overloud Audio

Santa Monica, Calif. – Antelope Audio, a leading interface company specializing in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based vintage FX modeling, has announced a new Synergy Bundle for its best-in-class Thunderbolt and USB interfaces. Each interface now comes packaged with a special Antelope Audio version of the popular PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist DAW platform as well as six powerful plug-ins from Overloud Audio for use in cross-platform DAW software. Adding these valuable digital tools from PreSonus and Overloud Audio to the already powerful Antelope Audio ecosystem turns these interfaces into the ultimate end-to-end music production and creation package.

Studio One 3 Artist
PreSonus has been winning acclaim for the stability, workflow and functionality of its Studio One DAW platform since its introduction. The special Studio One 3 Artist Antelope Audio edition provides Antelope users with a powerful recording tool sporting many of the same features as Studio One 3 Pro, including unlimited audio tracks, virtual instruments, effects, and buses; PreSonus’s powerful drag-and-drop functionality; and a bevy of useful built-in effects for tailoring your audio.

“Antelope Audio is a company that designs excellent products and has built incredible customer loyalty as a result,” says Jim Boitnott, EVP, Marketing/Product Services, PreSonus. “Much like Antelope, PreSonus’s commitment to engineering excellence with Studio One has been winning over everyone from bedroom producers to the most discerning industry pros to our DAW platform. Studio One 3 Artist is a powerful tool that will easily meet and exceed the demands of many small studios, while also providing a feature-rich demonstration of our platform and path to upgrade for pro users who may look to graduate to Studio One Pro in the future.”

Overloud Audio
Having already partnered with Antelope Audio to adapt several of their popular guitar amplifier models to FPGA hardware models on select Antelope interfaces earlier this year, Overloud now takes the collaboration a step further but bundling some of their plugins with Antelope products for use in Studio One 3 Artist or the DAW of your choice. This includes a special version of Breverb 2, featuring 4 incredible algorithms modeled on classic digital reverbs of the 80s; Rematrix Player, a unique take on convolution reverb with the ability to stack and modify multiple convolutions for added richness and musicality; and their VKFX vintage multitap tape delay, modulation effect, and tape emulation effect.

Also included is a special Antelope version of Overloud’s TH3 guitar amp and cabinet emulator, featuring models of 11 guitar amps and 10 cabinets. Owners of select Antelope Audio interface will already be familiar with these highly realistic models from their interfaces’ FPGA hardware effects models, but these plug-ins will enable new workflow options within users’ DAWs. The amp models are supplemented by built-in digital delay, digital reverb, chorus, and a chromatic tuner.

The Total Package
“We are always looking for ways to make our interfaces the most complete production packages they possibly can be, and the Synergy Bundle is our most comprehensive offering yet,” says Marcel James, director of sales, U.S. for Antelope Audio. “PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist and these Overloud Audio plug-ins are some of the most precisely engineered and usable pieces of software on the market, and we are proud to make them available to our discerning interface customers.”

The Antelope Audio Synergy Bundle is available now. For more information, please go to