An Old Mansion’s Darkest Secrets are Exposed February in Ultra Macho

West Palm Beach, FL – February 7, 2019 – February is fright month in Ultra Macho with the premier of an edge-of-your-seat French miniseries about a house that is alive and very sensitive about being mistreated. This launch continues to solidify the channel’s position as the one and only destination for world class HD Spanish content including series, Mexican wrestling, extreme sports and late-night adult programming.

A generational family curse looms February 9 at noon EST in The Rocheville Mansion (La Mansión de Los Rocheville), where a man learns in the hardest way imaginable why his grandmother always warned him never to mistreat or make fun of the old family manor. “The house will protect you if you know how to live it, but it will destroy you if you betray it,” she tells young Victor in this five-part series based loosely on The Old Port (Le Vieux Port) trilogy by the late author Yann de L'Écotais.

The Rocheville Mansion (original title La Maison des Rocheville) was written by Julien Sarfati of the acclaimed crime series P.J. and directed by Jacques Otmezguine, best known for Bruits d'amour (Love Noises) featuring veteran actor Jean-Paul Comart. This exciting miniseries stars Chloé Lambert from The Chalet (Le Chalet) and Virginie Desarnauts of the award-winning musical Look at me (Comme une Image).

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