Amagi at IBC2016 Exhibitor Preview

IBC2016 Exhibitor Preview
Sept. 9-13 
Amagi -- Stand 2.B19

At IBC2016, Amagi, a pioneer in cloud-based TV broadcast and monetization platforms, will showcase an end-to-end cloud-based workflow to launch and monetize OTT channels. Amagi will also demonstrate next-generation versions of its flagship cloud-based channel playout and regionalization platforms. Amagi's enhanced product suite offers increased operational efficiency, scalability, and cost savings to broadcasters worldwide.

Key Product and Solution Demonstration

Launch and Monetize OTT Channels With CLOUDPORT 
Using Amagi's advanced cloud playout platform, TV networks can now stitch together an end-to-end workflow on the cloud and launch OTT channels on the go. Amagi's CLOUDPORT 3.0 multichannel playout system supports the entire broadcast workflow from ingest to playout, channel branding and graphics, subtitling, scheduling, compliance recording, quality control, multichannel monitoring, and more. The complete OTT broadcast workflow can be managed remotely through a simple yet sophisticated Web UI.

The next-generation CLOUDPORT platform has transitioned from proprietary hardware to an Intel(R)-based server that can be deployed on the cloud at the flick of a switch, offering broadcasters even better control over their OTT operations. Hosted on Amazon Web Services" infrastructure, the platform is completely scalable, reliable, and secure.

Amagi also provides an integrated offering to monetize live and linear OTT feeds. Amagi's THUNDERSTORM OTT ad insertion platform can dynamically insert ads on the server side, simplifying the delivery of personalized and targeted ads on premium live and linear OTT feeds.

With Amagi, TV networks have a complete solution to get their OTT broadcast operations underway, with a PaaS-based model and aggressive go-to-market timelines.

STORM 2.0 Channel Regionalization Platform 
New enhancements have been made to Amagi's STORM regionalization platform, winner of the IBC2015 Innovation Award. Using the platform, TV networks can insert local advertising and local content, without using separate satellite feeds, to match viewer preferences, abide by complex broadcasting regulations and content rights obligations, and monetize regional markets by attracting local advertisers.

STORM 2.0 is packed with advanced features, such as a new ASI and IP output interface with support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats, new SDI input interface, multichannel ad insertion, time-shift capability, full-screen graphics, Dolby support, and real-time scroll/ticker insertion with social media integration. STORM 2.0 can work with a variety of triggers such as Amagi's watermark, SCTE-35, DTMF cue tones, and Packet 31 to deliver cost-effective channel regionalization.

THUNDERSTORM 1.1 Dynamic OTT Ad Insertion Platform 
At IBC2016, TV networks will get to experience an upgraded version of Amagi's THUNDERSTORM OTT ad insertion platform. THUNDERSTORM performs instant, server-side ad insertion, providing TV networks with an effective approach to OTT ad insertion compared with the traditional method of inserting mid-roll ads on the client side. Since ads are stitched at the server level, making them compatible across various screens, THUNDERSTORM eliminates the need to create device-driven OTT ad streams.

The latest version of THUNDERSTORM includes support for pre-roll ad insertion, personalized ads for VOD, and compatibility with any input trigger, including the Amagi watermark, SCTE-35, DTMF cue tones, and Packet 31 approaches.

Company Overview:

Amagi is a next-generation media technology company that provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising platforms to customers globally. Amagi enables TV networks to create a complete broadcast workflow on the cloud, with support for content preparation, storage, archival, playout, delivery, and monetization at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional broadcast models. Using Amagi's award-winning, patented technologies, advertisers can target audiences at a regional and individual level across traditional TV and OTT multiscreen platforms. Amagi has deployments in over 25 countries for leading TV networks, and is India's largest TV ad network supporting more than 2,500 brands. Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in Hong Kong, London, New York City, and Tokyo.

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Amagi CLOUDPORT Channel Playout Platform

Amagi THUNDERSTORM Dynamic OTT Ad Insertion Platform

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