Amagi Enables Virtualized Playout With CLOUDPORT 3.0

BANGALORE, India -- March 24, 2016 -- Amagi, a leader in cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising, today announced CLOUDPORT 3.0, the latest version of its cloud-based playout platform that increases operational efficiency, scalability, and cost savings for broadcasters. CLOUDPORT 3.0 enables TV networks to operate virtualized playout on the cloud. This gives TV networks greater flexibility and agility to spin new channels and create regional feeds instantly to keep pace with changing viewer dynamics and preferences. Available as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform using Intel(R) servers, CLOUDPORT 3.0 can also be deployed at operator headends while retaining full control over operations with the broadcasters.

CLOUDPORT 3.0 is IP-enabled, supports live broadcast, and is 4K UHD compatible. Complete with multifeed monitoring, the platform offers remote playout management, creating a live MCR-like experience on the cloud.

"Building on the successful global deployments of CLOUDPORT, Amagi has further enhanced the platform's capabilities in response to the broadcast industry's evolving needs for virtualized playout," said K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi. "With CLOUDPORT 3.0, TV networks can respond to market needs quicker, as well as operate multichannel playout and delivery with zero CAPEX when compared to traditional playout and broadcast models."

Offered as a platform-as-a-service model, CLOUDPORT 3.0 is packed with advanced features such as near-live asset changes to broadcast playlists, real-time social media integration, and enhanced digital video effects for a better end-user experience.

"Given its flexibility to be hosted on the cloud, CLOUDPORT 3.0 can be used to create broadcast-quality OTT feeds. It can also double up as a cost-effective option to meet disaster recovery needs of TV networks. There is no longer a need for broadcasters to stay invested in expensive, traditional delivery models," added Srinivasan.

Amagi will showcase CLOUDPORT 3.0 at the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 16-21, at booth SU13006. More information about Amagi and the company's products is available at

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Amagi is the leading provider of next-generation cloud-based content management, delivery and monetization platforms, products, and technology to TV networks worldwide. Amagi's managed playout services enable broadcasters to scale operations, increase playout efficiencies, and deliver superior viewing experiences to their audience at a fraction of the costs of traditional broadcast models. Deploying Amagi's patented technologies, TV networks can distribute localized content and advertisements to successfully monetize the multiscreen environment and grow their revenue streams. Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in New York City, London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

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Visit Amagi at the 2016 NAB Show, Booth SU13006

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