Amagi CABSAT 2016 Exhibitor Preview

Amagi -- Zabeel Hall, Stand ZF2-20B

Amagi, a pioneer in bringing path-breaking content delivery and monetization platforms to the broadcast industry will debut its new CLOUDPORT 3.0 playout platform at CABSAT 2016, offering new levels of operational efficiency, scalability, and cost savings to the broadcast market.

Also on display will be Amagi's new CUMULUS Cloud Broadcast Platform and THUNDERSTORM platform for dynamic OTT ad insertion.

Key Product and Technology Demos

NEW CLOUDPORT 3.0 Cloud-Based Playout Platform
At CABSAT 2016, Amagi will introduce CLOUDPORT 3.0, a new cloud-based platform for multichannel playout of both live and nonlinear feeds. The next-generation CLOUDPORT platform has transitioned from proprietary hardware to an Intel(R) server residing in the cloud, giving broadcasters more control over their operations. By hosting a broad range of advanced playout capabilities from the Amazon Web Services(TM) infrastructure, CLOUDPORT 3.0 enables TV networks to launch new channels in less than four weeks at a fraction of the typical cost.

Using CLOUDPORT 3.0, broadcasters can support the entire playout workflow, from channel branding and graphics to subtitling, traffic and scheduling, compliance recording, quality control, multichannel monitoring, and more. In addition to delivering content to operator headends and teleports for further distribution, CLOUDPORT 3.0 also offers automated transcoding and delivery to different VOD and OTT platforms, enabling broadcasters to address the growing consumer demand for multiscreen viewing.

Leveraging the platform's dynamic and local ad insertion capabilities, TV networks can increase monetization. Full-screen graphics and HEVC support ensure a high-quality viewing experience for broadcast subscribers.

CUMULUS -- Amagi Cloud Broadcast Platform
Amagi will showcase CUMULUS, Amagi's cloud broadcast platform, at CABSAT 2016. CUMULUS allows TV networks to prepare, manage, playout, deliver, and monetize their content, all through a single platform. Using the end-to-end cloud service, content owners and broadcasters can create and deliver linear and nonlinear streams across cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT on-demand platforms, reducing dependencies on individual service providers. CUMULUS is built on a global, secure, and reliable architecture provided by Amazon Web Services(TM) (AWS), lowering CAPEX and OPEX.

CUMULUS offers centralized content storage and archiving, providing TV networks with transparent, total access and control of their assets. Leveraging AWS Glacier, CUMULUS provides an integrated archival workflow with instant retrieval of archived assets. Monetization can be realized from content regionalization and targeted ad insertion across linear and OTT feeds, combined with the opportunity for ad sales partnerships and programmatic buying.

THUNDERSTORM Dynamic OTT Ad Insertion Platform
At CABSAT 2016, Amagi will provide a sneak peek at the new THUNDERSTORM platform, which enables TV networks to dynamically insert ads on the server side, simplifying the delivery of personalized and targeted ads on premium live and linear OTT feeds.

With the ability to perform instant, server-side ad insertion, TV networks now have an effective approach to OTT ad insertion compared with the traditional method of inserting mid-roll ads on the client side. The platform allows broadcasters to insert multiple types of ad formats, including bugs, L-bands, and linear video, for ultimate flexibility. Since ads are stitched at the server level, THUNDERSTORM eliminates the need to create device-driven OTT ad streams, making ads compatible across various screens.

Company Overview:

Amagi is the leading provider of next-generation cloud-based content management delivery and monetization platforms, products, and technology to TV networks worldwide. Amagi's managed playout services enable broadcasters to scale operations, increase playout efficiencies, and deliver superior viewing experiences to their audience at a fraction of the costs of traditional broadcast models. Deploying Amagi's patented technologies, TV networks can distribute localized content and advertisements to successfully monetize the multiscreen environment and grow their revenue streams. Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in New York City, London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

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