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Amagi Broadcast India 2015 Exhibitor Preview

Amagi -- Stand D-408

Fueled by a vast diaspora of Indian population worldwide, the demand for Indian TV content is rapidly increasing. This trend is driving Indian TV networks to expand into international markets and monetize new geographies. 

In particular, broadcasters are looking for a more affordable, flexible, and scalable method for addressing the growing viewership and personalization needs, especially with the proliferation of the multiscreen environment.

At Broadcast India 2015, Amagi, the leader in cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure will demonstrate its award-winning platforms for content delivery and monetization. Amagi will show how Indian TV networks can expand into international markets without investing in new and expensive satellite/fiber delivery methods.

As part of its Broadcast 2.0 theme at the event, Amagi will showcase the latest enhancements to its industry-leading channel playout, monetization, and OTT platforms.

Executive Speaking Session
On Oct. 15 at 12:30 p.m., K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi, will present at the Broadcast India 2015 Conference. The presentation, entitled "Regionalize and Monetize Content in Other Geographies on a Common Satellite Feed," will discuss next-generation technologies for content delivery, regionalization, and monetization that many India-based TV networks are adopting to address new revenue streams and broadcast regulations. 

Srinivasan will draw from three real-world use cases including NDTV, Zee Bangla, and ETV, to articulate how a few TV networks are leading the way in India. By the end of the session, attendees will understand the various content delivery options at their disposal and how TV channels can deploy them to regionalize and monetize different markets with minimal changes to existing workflows in a very cost-effective manner. 

Key Product Introductions and Demos

Next-Generation Managed Playout Service
A key highlight at Broadcast India 2015 will be Amagi's next-generation managed playout service that introduces automation, and simplifies video content preparation, management, and delivery for broadcasters. Utilizing the end-to-end, cloud-based service for content delivery, playout management, ingest, asset management, archive management, quality control, traffic and scheduling, and 24/7 monitoring, broadcasters can dramatically increase workflow efficiency, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and provide a superior television experience to viewers.

Based on a hybrid architecture consisting of cloud-management and edge-playout solutions, the service enables content owners to directly transfer assets through the Internet, or transport content into the cloud infrastructure via portable storage methods. Amagi then automatically ingests and transcodes the assets into the required formats, archiving the content as needed. The service also features an automated content ingest workflow with built-in heuristics to automatically prioritize assets scheduled for earlier playout, ensuring smooth playout operations.

OTT Dynamic Ad Insertion
At Broadcast India 2015, Amagi will demonstrate how its patented watermark detection technology enables seamless, personalized mid-roll ad insertions in linear and on-demand OTT content. Amagi's watermark technology allows TV networks to better monetize mid-roll breaks within linear and on-demand OTT feeds without requiring any integration on behalf of the broadcaster. Broadcasters no longer need to remove linear feed TV ads; Amagi's watermark technology automatically detects the ad breaks and splices different mid-roll ads to various users based on their user profile

STORM Content Monetization Platform
As the requirement for targeted content continues to grow, Amagi will demonstrate its STORM content monetization platform at Broadcast India 2015. Amagi's platform is ideal for TV networks wanting to insert local advertising and local content, without using separate satellite feeds, to match viewer preferences, abide by complex broadcasting regulations and content rights obligations, and monetize regional markets by attracting local advertisers. Using the STORM platform, TV networks can deliver global channels efficiently and cost-effectively, without compromising audiovisual quality.

The STORM platform supports remote-insertion triggers and inserting HD video, multiple audio tracks including Dolby surround, subtitles, and multilayer animated graphics. STORM features a unique content watermark-based workflow that makes it easy to use for TV networks. 

Amagi won the prestigious IBC2015 Innovation Award in September for this groundbreaking solution that was implemented for Sundance Channel Global in Brazil.

CLOUDPORT 2.0 Channel Playout Platform
Amagi will showcase CLOUDPORT 2.0, the company's flagship cloud-based channel playout platform at Broadcast India 2015. CLOUDPORT 2.0 provides TV networks with end-to-end broadcast workflow capabilities on the cloud, including media asset management, quality control, subtitle editing and management, and automation and scheduling features. 

By providing operators with a wide range of playout functionalities hosted on the cloud, CLOUDPORT 2.0 speeds up operations, increases flexibility, and lowers OPEX and CAPEX. Powered by dynamic graphics, the CLOUDPORT 2.0 platform is guaranteed to enhance the viewer experience. 

Company Overview:

Amagi is the leading provider of next-generation cloud-based content delivery and monetization platforms, products, and technology to TV networks worldwide. Amagi's managed playout services enable broadcasters to scale operations, increase playout efficiencies, and deliver superior viewing experience to their audience at a fraction of the costs of traditional broadcast models. Deploying Amagi's patented technologies, TV networks can distribute localized content and advertisements to successfully monetize the multiscreen environment and grow their revenue streams. Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in New York City, London, Tokyo, and Singapore. 

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Amagi CLOUDPORT Channel Playout Platform
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