Seoul, ROK and Broomfield, CO, USA – June 6, 2017 – Alticast today announced that its AltiCloud-UI solution has been honored with a Multimedia Technology Excellence Award, one of the highest honors given by the Republic of Korea government’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. 

Alticast and Korea Telecom were jointly recognized for the creation and deployment of AltiCloud-UI during ceremonies at the COEX Convention Center, Seoul. The awards are presented annually by the Ministry to exemplify the best technologies in each sector of the highly-competitive and technologically advanced Korean media and telecommunications markets. The highest honor, the President’s Award, was presented to LG for its Signature OLED TV.

“The high bar that Korean technology providers must clear to be the best in their home country has been a key factor in Alticast’s increasing success worldwide,” said Joonhee Oh, head of Alticast’s Cloud Business Unit. “We’re pleased to share this honor with Korea Telecom, and are grateful to the Korean government for creating a robust environment that nurtures industry-leading technology innovation.”

AltiCloud-UI is a flexible UI virtualization solution that enables availability of richer user interface designs on a wide variety of existing set-top boxes and consumer devices, without the need for high-performance CPUs. By processing commands for graphic rendering within the cloud, AltiCloud-UI enables pay-TV operators to effectively deliver high-quality and personalized customer experiences.

Key benefits of the AltiCloud-UI include:

  • Flexible and convenient management of different UIs targeting different groups of end users;
  • UI upgrades that can be simply and efficiently executed, without the need to upgrade firmware across every device to support rapid deployment of service for time-to-market; and
  • Ability to run high-quality UIs in a low computing power environment, enabling operators to reduce CapEx by deploying lower-cost devices.

An example of Korea Telecom’s use of the AltiCloud-UI is available here.