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Allant Incorporates Nielsen Catalina Solutions Retail Purchase Data in Addressable Television Solution

CHICAGO (June 18, 2015) – Reaching consumers based on their past purchasing behavior will now be easier than ever as today, Allant, an advanced TV advertising leader, announces a strategic agreement with Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS). NCS is a leader in enabling marketers to increase the sales impact of their advertising by powering cross-channel platforms with actual purchase data.

Allant uses its Audience Interconnect® software to create audience segments based on integrating NCS retail shopper data from 70 million households. Audience Interconnect combines consumer’s television viewing patterns with the NCS retail purchase data, assisting CPG marketers and media companies in reaching consumers with addressable advertising campaigns to minimize waste and improve the return on advertising spend.

For example, a national snack brand that has a new summer-themed campaign for its top selling potato chip brand could isolate and deliver the campaign to only those households that are highly likely to over index on potato chip consumption or related products, like hot dogs or dip. Allant integrates the NCS data into their Audience Interconnect to create consumer audience segments that are known buyers.

“We are excited to partner with Allant to provide a combined solution that more precisely delivers the desired audiences for advertisers and drive sales results,” said Carl Spaulding, EVP client consulting, Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

“Consumers want to see relevant ads. This solution will ensure that the right ads are placed in the programs and networks to reach the desired audiences, based on what they’ve purchased in the past,” said Dave Irwin (opens in new tab), president of Allant. “Allant’s collaboration with NCS helps brands streamline the use of the data directly out of our tool, so brands can easily determine the most effective TV campaign for driving sales.”

Allant works with the top cable, satellite and telecommunications providers, networks and ad agencies. Its Audience Interconnect software develops consumer audience segments based on granular household data, including age, gender, income, past buying habits, geographic region and more. The networks distribute this aggregated data to ad agencies so they can decide where to air ads that reach the most desirable audience across all video formats, including linear, VOD and online. In addition, Allant’s Audience Interconnect also provides post-campaign analysis to measure the number of ad impressions delivered.

What does this mean? “It means a better bottom line for all involved,” says Eric Schmitt, Allant’s executive vice president of communications, TV and media. “Allant’s Audience Interconnect helps networks increase ad revenue, advertisers cut waste by placing ads more effectively in front of target audiences, and consumers stay informed about products that are relevant to their lifestyles.”

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