Adaptive Medias, Inc. Releases Newest Video Player Platform Focused on Mobile Video

Irvine, CA(2/18/2015) -

Content syndication and monetization company Adaptive Medias, Inc., a leader in programmatic advertising across mobile, video and online display, is excited to announce its latest video player as part of its end-to-end video platform. Adaptive Media’s video player provides publishers, producers, and advertisers the ability to easily and effectively deliver and monetize digital content across all screens and devices through one centralized solution. This new player is devoted to delivering these capabilities seamlessly to mobile devices.

The upgraded video player framework is designed to seamlessly publish videos across every device—especially mobile devices—at unprecedented speeds. With customizable player sizes that include full screen, the player allows publishers and advertisers to simply choose a player size, embed their video and begin monetizing their content immediately. The updated video player is ad supported for all advertisers, VAST 3.0 compliant, fully responsive HTML5 design, and can handle sequence-based advertising and enhanced interactive formats. With in-house developed code, Adaptive Media’s media player is ready for immediate usage by all of the company’s existing and future partners searching to better leverage mobile video.

Adaptive Media’s flagship platform, Media Graph, is an end-to-end solution designed to solve video fragmentation issues in the digital video and advertising industries. By providing a complete suite of solutions, this efficient platform can deliver rich, robust content and metadata. The platform is comprised of the advanced video player, a content management system and comprehensive ad serving capabilities that include programmatic. While the updated Media Graph content platform and ad serving will work with all other video players, the inclusion of the newly updated video player positions the Media Graph platform as the go-to solution for mobile video.

“From day one of our Media Graph platform, we have been focused on pairing our leading edge technology with the industry’s first mobile-focused video player,” said Omar Akram, Senior Vice President of Product & Technology at Adaptive Media. “Since launching our platform in September, we have delivered over 300 million premium content video streams through our video players on desktop, tablet and smartphones."

Nearly 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2019, according to Cisco Systems. This requires publishers and producers to place greater emphasis on media players that leverage the power of mobile video. For advertisers, mobile video will become a crucial platform for monetization, as digital video ad spend is set to hit $7.6 billion in 2015. Adaptive Medias’ updated video player provides a reliable and profitable platform for both publishers and advertisers aiming to leverage the potential of digital video.

“It's frustrating for users, myself included, when a video we're trying to watch doesn't play,” said Adaptive Media interim COO Jim Waltz. “We specifically built our new player to overcome this problem. Our new player eliminates that frustration by delivering a seamless and consistent cross-channel video experience for users and publishers.”

Adaptive Medias, Inc. (ADTM) is a programmatic audience and content monetization provider for website owners, app developers and video publishers searching to more effectively optimize content through advertising. By providing a solid foundation for publishers and developers wishing to engage brand advertisers through a multi-channel approach, the company allows for the delivery of integrated, engaging and impactful ads across multiple screens. Adaptive Media places utmost emphasis on maintaining the user experience, while simultaneously distributing timely and relevant advertising through its ad delivery and content platform. For more information, please visit Also, follow them on Twitter @adaptive_m.