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7thSense Powers Journey through Music History at British Music Experience

The British Music Experience (BME), a new museum dedicated to popular music honouring the global influence and history of British music and artists, is now open and in full swing at the Grade-II listed Cunard Building in Liverpool. At the heart of the attraction, the main stage show is powered by a 7thSense Nano-SDI media server featuring a specially produced digitally-projected performance by music legend Boy George, and a large-scale stage hologram – all integrated by DJ Willrich.

The BME was originally housed inside London’s O2 venue between 2009 and 2014 – while a few items from the original site were recyclable, the new permanent home and themed zones of the BME have seen a full technology and content refresh.

Visitors are taken on a chronological journey of British music history from 1945 to the present day as told in eight state-of-the-art interactive exhibition galleries – as the final zone experience comes to an end, guests find themselves in the flagship ‘Main Stage’ attraction with a performance from singer, Boy George.

On stage, a Delta Nano-SDI Media Server powers a 13,000 lumen Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser II projector to screen a custom 5-minute show produced by Graham English & Co. Once the front projection screen retracts into the ceiling, the high impact display system projects Boy George as a hologram onto a HoloNet gauze screen spanning the full width of the stage.

Josh Miller, DJ Willrich director, explained, “We needed the projected video of boy George on the HoloNet screen to be bright and punchy – visitors get up really close to the display so it had to be visually stunning from all angles and distances. 7thSense Delta Media Server was the obvious and best choice.”

The Delta Nano-SDI Media Server is a highly affordable media serving solution for displays requiring high playback performance and system dependability, capable of playing uncompressed or Codec-based media.

Richard Brown, CTO at 7thSense added, “This has been a great project to work on with many creative and forward-thinking technology partners involved to produce an incredible museum experience that really pays homage to the British music scene. We’re delighted that DJ Willrich once again chose our hardware and software to deliver the performance and results they wanted.”

The BME opened earlier this year in March after DJWillrich broke ground on the project in September 2016.

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7thSense Design is a multi-award-winning specialist software and hardware company with expertise in high-end media serving and projection onto any surface, whether flat, curved, fulldome or even non-standard shapes. The company designs and supplies its own Delta Media Server product range which provides real-time uncompressed video serving, show creation and display matching for a variety of markets including 3D theatres, theme parks, visitor attractions, Live Events, Giant Screen Cinemas and Planetariums. 7thSense Design technologies and solutions are often used in many of the world’s most compelling and challenging of video and audio environments.

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