Beachfront Releases 2018 CTV Ad Data, Roku Still Leads, Amazon Growing Quickly

New York, NY -- December 13, 2018 -- Beachfront, the independent video supply monetization company across connected TV (CTV), desktop and mobile devices, today released new data on the enormous year-over-year growth of CTV advertising. The findings are representative of major platform growth across all CTV devices, with ad requests rising 1,640 percent from November 2017 to November 2018.

This year’s growth is impressive considering last year’s numbers also showed CTV advertising surging. While there were 1,718,541,020 CTV ad requests in November 2017, that number jumped up to 29,901,704,314 for November 2018.

“This sort of sharp incline for growth is the latest sign that ad-supported premium video content will continue to play a major role for publishers as they look to modernize their streaming content approach toward greater profitability,” said Frank Sinton, founder and president of Beachfront, which has established a foothold as the over-the-top (OTT) tech solution leader for premium video monetization. “These findings further prove connected TV can’t be viewed as an extension of digital spend, or reused linear TV advertising.”

According to the study, Roku continues to lead the pack, accounting for more than 87 percent of ad requests on Connected TV in November 2018. Once a distant fourth, Amazon’s Fire TV has now charged up to second overall in terms of requests, continuing the company’s rapid expansion into advertising. LG had the third-most in November, followed by Samsung TV, Vizio and Chromecast.

On average, completion rates (VCR) remained high for connected TV video at more than 90 percent. However, it’s worth noting that VCR also tends to be higher for premium apps (more than 95 percent) and lower for long-tail content (85 percent). With long-tail content growing on CTV, it makes sense that it would push average VCR rates down in the process.

One study from earlier in 2018 exhibits Fire TV’s rapid rise in terms of adoption from consumers, from 16 percent of streaming media players in 2016, to more than 25 percent now in 2018. That swelling base of users coming from a distinct integration with Amazon’s Prime service is how Fire TV climbs the ad rankings so quickly, too.

“Beachfront has been a leader in connected TV advertising since 2015, and remains uniquely equipped to traverse what’s up ahead as the space keeps growing as a profitable option for advertisers,” said Chris Macarro, CEO at Beachfront. “Connected devices will only continue to permeate the market and as data-centric players like Google and Amazon keep investing further, that creates a more relevant and successful ad experience for consumers.”

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