TaTaTu, the new social entertainment platform that rewards users for watching and sharing content, has made a deal with International Fashion Network (IFN) that will allow all 13,000 hours of the network’s popular luxury lifestyle programming to be accessed and viewed on TaTaTu.

With a global viewership of 21,000,000 people, International Fashion Network is the first original digital Media Network, which focus its core business on Design, Fashion, Glamour and Luxury Lifestyle with a particular focus on Sustainability. The network’s high quality standards of news segments, TV, video and media productions in general serve a number of global major brands, conventional and digital broadcasters and media. The network’s expertise and standards are worldwide recognized by stakeholders of this fast evolving industry. More information about International Fashion Network is available at http://internationalfashionnetwork.org/

TaTaTu was launched and is run by movie producer Andrea Iervolino, who recently formed a partnership with Johnny Depp to develop and produce film and digital content together.

“IFN contributes a great deal of luxury lifestyle programming with its close ties to the fashion industry,” said Iervolino. “We are continuing to assemble a content platform that has limitless options of programming to fit the all viewers.”

The additional content from IFN significantly adds to TaTaTu’s overall entertainment offering all on-demand.

TaTaTu is assembling a robust library of content—from short form content to feature films. The company recently signed content acquisition deals with Lakeshore Entertainment, Kew Media International and Film4 Libraries acquiring dozens of films such as “Million Dollar Baby,” The Lincoln Lawyer,” “Heathers” and “Children of the Corn.”

TaTaTu has also been aggressive in acquiring content and creating original films and series. Original content funded and produced projects in the works include a feature film adaptation of J.M. Coetzee’s prize-winning novel “Waiting for the Barbarians,” starring Johnny Depp, Academy Award® winner Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson and being directed by Ciro Guerra; a Lamborghini biopic starring Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin; an original documentary on two-time Oscar® nominee Jeremy Renner; the drama ‘The Sound of Freedom’ starring Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino; and David Henrie’s teen comedy “This is the Year.”

On the acquisitions front, TaTaTu acquired the star-studded documentary “Freidkin Uncut,” featuring the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Shannon, Edgar Wright, Willem Dafoe, Ellen Burstyn, Gina Gershon, Juno Temple, Wes Anderson, Damien Chazelle and William Friedkin.

TaTaTu is an entertainment platform that combines the best features from the major VOD platforms and social networks with an innovative incentives system.

TaTaTu Tokens (TTU Tokens), which trade on cryptocurrency exchanges HitBTC (www.hitbtc.com) and ABCC (www.abcc.com), serve as the central currency within TaTaTu’s blockchain-based social entertainment platform and will be used to compensate content creators, members of the platform who view content, and pay for advertising on the platform.

To participate in the platform, advertisers purchase TTU tokens, which are then distributed to the users through a novel rewards system. These digital tokens are given out to creators and consumers of content, including those from their referred friends, as they participate in the network.

In June, TaTaTu closed a $575 million token pre-sale, from which proceeds are being used to create original content, acquire new users, market the platform and develop the software.

Among the first supporters of TTU Tokens, are Prince Felix of Luxembourg, leading cryptocurrency investment firms BlockTower Capital and Lvna Capital, and Lady Monika Bacardi.