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Zoom's Moto-Branded Cable Modem Launch 'On Track'

Zoom Telephonics is “on track” to debut a lineup of cable modem products in January 2016 that bear the Motorola brand and will be offered via various retail channels, Zoom president and CEO Frank Manning said earlier this month on the company’s second quarter earnings call.

Zoom, under an exclusive five-year licensing agreement announced in May, will use the Moto brand in cable modems/routers and set-tops (as well as cable modems inside set-tops) sold at retail in the U.S. and Canada starting in 2016. At that time, Zoom will take over Moto branding rights that have been with Arris, which acquired the Motorola Home division from Google in April 2013 for $2.35 billion.

“We are on track with the Motorola opportunity,” Manning said, noting that Zoom has made “great progress in product development, certifications and discussions with retailers, specifically.”

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