Zonza Integrates Ad-ID

Zonza, a digital asset management and content-distribution platform used by global marketers, has announced that it will integrate the Ad-ID ad-coding system into its digital asset management platform.

The companies are billing the move as the first time a digital asset management (DAM) platform has integrated Ad-ID.

Ad-ID was developed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) to help users to enter metadata easily and securely into advertising assets so they can track those assets across platforms.

Zonza is jointly owned by Deluxe and Hogarth Worldwide and the alliance represents an expansion of Deluxe’s relationship with Ad-ID, which is integrated into Deluxe's MediaVu, a provider of ad clearances.

In a statement, Greg Smith, general manager of Deluxe Advertising Services and the chief operating officer of Zonza, noted that “Zonza is the ‘engine’ Deluxe Advertising Services uses to deliver clients’ content to outlets such as TV stations and networks. Beyond the known advantages of having a standard ID for each ad and a singular location for core metadata, Ad-ID’s integration into Zonza gives our clients …the ability to leverage Ad-ID on a global basis.”

He also explained that “improved standardization and identification in advertising will lead to greater scale for the industry.”