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YipTV Launches International OTT Offering

YipTV has launched a $14.99 a month subscription service for U.S. consumers that includes 50 international entertainment, news and sports broadcasts from Central and South America.

The launch of the service is part of the company’s strategy of targeting the nearly 40 million multinationals in the U.S. with over-the-top programming from international sources.

The company plans to increase channel counts relatively quickly to nearly 150.

In upcoming months it is also promising to add a number of Spanish- and Portuguese-language channels, and bolster broadcast offerings from Europe, Asia and India.

The Internet delivered service is available on smart TV, computers and mobile devices and can also be viewed on TVs via Apple TV or a Google Chromecast devices.

In a statement CEO and cofounder Michael Tribolet said that "advancements in technology have made the world seem smaller and smaller. YipTV is now using the latest technology to expand entertainment options and provide value to the customer."