YipTV Expands Free TV Channel Lineup

OTT provider YipTV, which offers both free and subscription services, has expanded the free international TV channels it offers to 17 and has announced a new promotion to attract interest in its subscription service, which was launched in May of 2015.

The streaming YipTV services target U.S. audiences who were born outside the U.S. or are interested in receiving international programming.

In addition to the free service it also offers a subscription service that includes 70 plus channels for $14.99 a month.

The company is currently offering a promotion to make nine of the premium channels in its subscription service available for free for one month.

In a statement, YipTV CEO Michael Tribolet noted that “foreign-born residents here today and their family members have had limited access to TV channels in the U.S. They are thirsty to have access to top-quality TV at a reasonable price, which is why we are offering the YipTV service for free to start. We’re giving them that choice with free unlimited access to 17 channels that we think will be more to their liking.”