Yahoo, AT&T Put Ads on Target

AT&T AdWorks and Yahoo said a targeted TV ad campaign that tapped into AT&T AdWorks TV Blueprint platform helped Yahoo reach 20% more of its desired audience.  

Yahoo’s aim was to engage adults 18-34 who own high-tech consumer electronics and used a media plan based on TV Blueprint to reach them. The TV Blueprint media plan analyzed anonymous and aggregate U-verse set-top data to identify the 30 highest indexing networks, days and day-parts.  

The result of the campaign, they said, delivered a 17% more efficient target  CPM and reached a higher concentration of Yahoo’s target audience. Using AT&T AdWorks’ extended distribution to reach more than 55 million households helped the TV media plan reach the target audience 2.6 times per week, and increased target impressions by 20%, they said. 

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