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XenData Upgrades Its Archiving Solutions

The company is billing the upgrades as the creation of the first digital video archive solution capable of creating both LTFS and tar LTO tape pools simultaneously and as a technology that will allow users to easily convert content from one format to another.

The new capabilities will include the ability to write files to and restore from LTO tapes in LTFS (Linear Tape File System) as well as tar formats in a single digital video archive system. The XenData archiving solutions will also provide LTO interchangeability with other vendor's archive systems and allows for easy conversion from one format to another.

The multiple format support will be added to the entire XenData archive solutions range, all of which are managed by XenData Archive Series software. These include the X1500 LTO-5 Workstation Archive Systems; the SX-10 LTO-5 Archive Appliance and SX-300/400 Series LTO-5 Archive Servers

"Many video assets must be retained for very long periods," noted said Dr. Phil Storey, co-founder and CEO of XenData. "The format used to write to the storage medium is one of the key aspects of ensuring future access to these assets. Our multiple-standards approach means that video files can be written to LTO in either or both of the leading formats - LTFS and open standards tar - ensuring accessibility for decades to come."

XenData will be showcasing the solutions at the NAB Conference in April.