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XenData Launches New Archive System

Archive systems provider XenData has launched a new digital video archive system, the SXL-3000.

The company is pitching the SXL-3000 as a turn-key, cost-effective offering that can hold between 150TB to 750TB of content in near-line LTO storage. The SXL-3000 combines a XenData SX-520 Series archive server and the Oracle SL150 expandable robotic LTO library.

“The SX-3000 raises the bar when it comes to scalability and value for money,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO. “The cost to add a 75TB expansion module is very affordable, making it attractive to keep all video files on near-line LTO rather than moving content offline.”

Pricing for the 150 TB system starts at $43,950.