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XenData Expands Archive Products

Archiving technology provider XenData is launching a new SXL range of LTO archive systems.

These are based on XenData's SX-10 archive appliance and LTO-6 drives or robotic LTO-6 libraries, the company reports.

The five SXL models provide up to 57.5 TB of near-line LTO. They are priced from $10,950 to $25,950 and are designed for such applications as video production and post-production.

The systems connect to 1 GigE networks and are designed to streamline the process of writing to or restoring content from LTO.

The SXL systems write to either 2.5 TB LTO-6 cartridges or 1.5 TB LTO-5 cartridges using either the LTFS exchange format or the open standard TAR format.