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XenData Adds LTO-6 Support

LTO archive technology provider XenData has announced that
its LTO archive appliances and servers, the SX-10 and SX-500 series, will now
work with LTO-6.

The move to LTO-6 support will offer more storage capacity
per tape cartridge as well as faster transfer speeds.

"XenData's support for this latest LTO generation means that
archive system cost per terabyte is further reduced," said Mark Broadbent, cofounder
and CTO of XenData. "By leveraging the many benefits of LTO-6, such as higher
capacity, long life, reliability, speed and ease of use, we continue to provide
our customers with state-of-the-art video archive solutions at affordable

In terms of the greater capacity, the cartridge increases
from 1.5 TB to 2.5 TB and transfer rates will jump from 140 megabytes per
second to 160 MBytes/s.