Xbox One to Offer Subscription-Free DVR

Tacking on another set-top-style feature to its flagship console, Microsoft announced Tuesday that it will allow Xbox One users to record broadcast TV shows starting sometime in 2016.

As part of a string of announcements (opens in new tab) made at this week’s Gamescon event in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft said it will provide the subscription-free DVR component on Xbox One consoles that are outfitted to capture free over-the-air broadcast TV channels. Xbox One users will still need to spring for a separate hard drive that connects to the console via USB to enable the coming DVR option.

Users will record shows via the console’s OneGuide. Microsoft said Xbox One will record the show in the background without impacting the performance of the console. When enabled, the device’s “instant on” feature will let users to record shows when they aren’t at home.

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