Xbox One To Gain Command And Control Of The DVR

Microsoft’s new $499 Xbox One console launched last November with its OneGuide video interface and the ability to support live, linear pay-TV services by tethering the console to a set-top box via an HDMI cable, but that key feature got off the ground with a significant shortcoming – Xbox One users still had to toggle back to the set-top to access and control the set-top’s DVR.

That will change later this year when Microsoft releases a new version of its SmartGlass app (opens in new tab) for tablets and smartphones that will double as a fancy remote control outfitted with Microsoft’s new OneGuide, allowing users to not just navigate the live TV lineup, but also control the set-top DVR without switching inputs.

The new version of SmartGlass for Xbox One will also support a “Recent Channels” feature and give users the ability to turn the TV on and off independent of the rest of the system.

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