Wurl to Stream Comic-Con Live to Set-Tops

Wurl TV, a provider of OTT “channels” that can be integrated into a MVPD’s set-top guide, said it will stream live coverage of San Diego Comic-Con through a collaboration with IGN Entertainment.

Wurl said it will provide that coverage on July 20-22, starting at 6 p.m. ET on the 20th.

Wurl TV recently completed an integration with “Elevate,” a platform from Espial that originated from its acquisition last year of Arris’s Whole Home Solutions business. Wurl is also woven into OTT lineup on broadband-connected TiVo devices that are distributed to select MVPDs.

Wurl TV’s business model is based on advertising. It runs ad-serving systems for its OTT channels that enable parties to buy ads against the OTT programming. Wurl TV also gives MVPD partners an opportunity to sell a portion of that ad inventory.

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