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WRAL Searches Archives with Nexidia

Nexidia has announced that WRAL is using Nexidia Dialogue Search to search through its recently digitized archives and find content.

The CBS affiliate in Raleigh, N.C. station recently digitized over 26,000 video tapes going back to 1976 using Sony’s optical disk system.

Dialogue Search system uses Nexidia's phonetic search technology to help station employees find content based on dialog in the video and allows them to find older stories where metadata from logging, transcription and captions, which is typically how archives are searched, might not exist.

When this metadata does exist, the system can search and filter results using that metadata in combination with the dialog from the video to further improve results.

"We digitized our whole archive not only to ensure that those assets would be preserved, but also to complete our transition to an entirely tapeless workflow,” said Peter Sockett, director of engineering and operations at WRAL and its sister stations WRAZ and WILM, in a statement. “The problem is, many of those assets lack sufficient metadata to enable an effective search, and without it, individual clips or even entire assets would be so hard to find that they might as well be lost forever. Nexidia Dialogue Search gives us back our archive. It's as simple as that. Now we'll actually be able to repurpose those assets easily."