World Cup: Facebook, Twitter Set Usage Records

The 1-0 Germany victory over Argentina in the final match of 2014 World Cup produced a variety of social media records for the event, with Facebook reporting that 88 million people had more than 280 million Facebook interactions, and Twitter seeing a peak of 618,725 tweets per minute during the final.

The final match broke the record for the highest level of Facebook conversations surrounding a single sporting event, beating the old record from Super Bowl XLVII set on Feb 3, 2013 with 245 million interactions.

Facebook activity included 10.5 million people in the U.S., 10 million in Brazil, more than 7 million in Argentina and 5 million people in Germany.

The peak twitter activity on Twitter of 618,725 tweets a minute beat the previous record of 580,166 during Germany’s victory over Brazil.

But the 32.1 million tweets for the final did not reach the usage during the Germany/Brazil game, which hit a record 35.6 million.