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World Cup: Comcast Sees 13 Million TV Everywhere Streams

High profile live sporting events continue to play an important role in attempts by operators to boost TV Everywhere usage, with Comcast seeing over 13 million TV Everywhere streams during the 2014 World Cup.

The data was released by Vito Forlenza, senior director of TV Everywhere content and product strategy at Comcast Cable in a blog post.

“The World Cup also was one of the biggest TV Everywhere events in history, with fans taking advantage of online and mobile platforms to experience all the action, anytime, anywhere,” Forlenza wrote.

The 13-million-plus live streams of World Cup matches by Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers occurred either on Xfinity TV Go or Watch ESPN for an average of about 90,000 live streams for every hour of World Cup match coverage.

The most usage occurred not surprisingly during the U.S. vs. Belgium match, with 834,000 live streams, beating the previous live streaming record of the U.S. vs. Germany by 22%.

The third highest streamed match was Argentina vs. Netherlands, followed by Germany vs. Brazil and Argentina vs. Switzerland.