Wohler Team Inks Licensing Agreement With Eyeheight

Wohler Technologies has announced a licensing agreement with U.K.-based Eyeheight. The deal will make Eyeheight's KARMAudioRT loudness control technology available on any Ross openGear frame, and on the openGear DashBoard network control and monitoring application.

"We're pleased to be taking a popular signal-processing technology such as Eyeheight's KARMAudioRT and putting it into the marketplace as a cost-effective solution," said Don Bird, chief marketing officer at Wohler. "It's part of Wohler's core philosophy to help customers get the job done at a reasonable price, and we believe that this openGear card will be the most attractively priced loudness-control solution offered to date."

Wohler offers a variety of loudness and monitoring solutions, both through the company's modular AMP2-16V 16-channel audio- and video-monitoring platform, and its Pandora loudness analyzer.

The company recently announced that it is providing the ancillary data and captioning capabilities of its HDCC solution on the openGear platform. The KARMAudio solution adds to the loudness solutions available on the openGear platform.

The automatic perceptual loudness control offered by KARMAudio technology is based on ITU-R BS.1770 multichannel perceptual loudness and true peak measurements, and sophisticated proprietary correction algorithms, the companies noted in a statement.

The KARMAudio products are designed to simplify compliance with emerging loudness practices such as ATSC A/85:2009/2011, the EBU R 128-2011, and such short-term peak loudness requirements as the U.K. BCAP rule 4.7).

"Our KARMAudio technology has been well-accepted by users including major broadcasters, and we're excited about the additional opportunities opened up by our new licensing agreement with Wohler," said Martin Moore, sales and marketing director at Eyeheight. "The openGear platform is a perfect vehicle for making this powerful technology more readily and widely available throughout the broadcast and production industry."