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Wohler Launches New Captioning Solutions

Wohler Technologies has launched its new openGear HDCC Series captioning and subtitling solution with both a full featured and a less costly single channel versions.

The full-featured model provides all the capabilities of Wohler's current HDCC Series captioning and subtitling cards within the openGear form factor.  

This model can handle encoding, decoding, transcoding, and monitoring of captions for CEA-608, CEA-708, WST, OP-47, and ARIB B37 formats, as well as 3G video support and encoding and decoding of multiple GPI cues.

The second version was designed as a cost-effective single-channel encoding solution primarily designed to complement the Ross Nielsen Watermarks Encoder (NWE-3G).

"We're committed to extending Wohler's industry-leading solutions for signal management and monitoring onto the openGear platform," noted Don Bird, chief marketing officer at Wohler in a statement. "Given the success and rapid adoption of openGear, we are excited to be able to participate as an openGear partner in providing Wohler's core technologies and expertise to all openGear users. The introduction of this new single-channel openGear HDCC card is a great way to kick off a number of openGear releases coming down the pipeline in support of the openGear format."