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WideOrbit Launches WO Cable Network Sales

As part of a push to expand its cable advertising business, software provider WideOrbit Inc. has launched WO Cable Network Sales.

The new product follows the acquisition last fall of VCI Solutions, which had a number of major cable clients that WideOrbit plans to move over to its platform. WO Cable Network sales marks the first time the WideOrbit has built a complete end-to-end solution across sales, traffic, program management, automation and billing that was specifically designed for the needs of cable networks.

"Cable network advertising sales is a unique and fiercely competitive environment," said Eric R. Mathewson, CEO and founder of WideOrbit in a statement. "We built WO Cable Network Sales explicitly for cable network clients. It's a flexible, robust solution that is easily tailored to their complex needs and the way they do business. WO Cable Network Sales will help cable networks make smarter, faster decisions about their deals, gain better control of the sales process from proposal through post-reconciliation and greatly improve profitability."

Nearly 2,000 television stations, radio stations and cable networks around the globe use WideOrbit Traffic software and its software systems are used to manage more than $14 billion in advertising revenue annually.

"With WO Cable Network Sales, now cable networks can come to one solution provider, WideOrbit, for all of their operational needs across advertising sales, traffic, program management, master control, automation and billing," added Oscar Rondon, director of cable network sales systems at WideOrbit. "WO Cable Network Sales will enable clients to optimize revenue through smarter pricing of inventory, gain greater visibility and control of day-to-day sales operations, improve client satisfaction with faster turnaround of plans and better stewardship, and quickly integrate new sales strategies and products."