WideOrbit Buys Google Radio Automation Business

San Francisco-based WideOrbit, which sells traffic and billing software to both TV and radio stations, has bolstered its radio business with the acquisition of Google's radio automation business, which provides software that automates broadcast radio programming and includes the Google Radio Automation, Maestro and SS32 automation products.

Google's radio automation business, which originated with Google's 2006 acquisition of radio ad specialist dMarc Broadcasting, was put up for sale in February when the Internet search giant announced that it would end its radio advertising initiative http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/174117-Google_Scraps_Radio_Adve...
. Google is still pursuing the television advertising market with Google TV Ads, which recently struck a partnership with targeted-advertising specialist firm Visible World.

WideOrbit says the deal will allow it to provide a comprehensive business solution for radio broadcasters, including traffic, revenue management, billing and automation. It says the 3,600 Google Radio Automation customers around the world will be able to integrate with WideOrbit's WO Traffic system for end-to-end operations.

"The acquisition of Google Radio Automation is key to WideOrbit's strategy to expand our product offering and deliver the most advanced and comprehensive solution to radio broadcasters," said Eric Mathewson, Founder and CEO of WideOrbit, in a statement. "This acquisition greatly benefits WideOrbit radio customers and Google's radio automation customers alike. We welcome the Google Radio Automation employees, customers and partners to the WideOrbit family."