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WideOrbit Adds New Online Campaign Features to WO Traffic

In a significant upgrade, WideOrbit's WO Traffic v6.5 software now has a number of new features, including new tools to tag programming for spot placement compatibility or copy violations, the ability to create custom, multi-level order approval workflows and the features that allow users to book, bill and report on detailed non-linear Internet campaigns.

"Website advertising is increasing as a percentage of the overall revenue of our clients' media properties," said Eric R. Mathewson, founder and CEO of WideOrbit in a statement. "So we've continued to improve our core WO Traffic system with tools to support non-linear booking, reconciling, invoicing and reporting of Internet campaigns in combination with traditional airtime schedules. The coordination of these two ad sales processes is critical to running an efficient station or network advertising sales operation."

Separately, the company also announced that it was closing in on a major milestone, with nearly 200 stations have installed its WO Sales, CRM and proposal software.

"WO Sales v2.1 delivers detailed insight into sales team performance and processes," said Arden Ten Broeck, product manager for WO Sales in a statement. "It provides exceptional visibility and access to pending and booked business for varying revenue streams across stations, markets and media, and provides advanced sales analytics and reporting to help our clients run their sales organizations more efficiently and effectively. The integrated design with WO Traffic provides unmatched capabilities."