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WHYY-TV Adds Broadcast Pix Production System

PBS member station WHYY-TV in Philadelphia has installed Broadcast Pix's Granite live video production systems in two control rooms.

A Granite 5000 was added to control room in its Content Production Center and another Granite 1000 is being used at the Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons, an 8,000-square-foot interactive learning environment.

The control rooms in both areas, along with various other systems within the Commons, were designed by RJC Designs, Inc., a Maryland-based technology consulting firm.

"They give us plenty of bang for our buck and greatly reduced our equipment costs," noted Bill Weber, vice president and CTO for WHYY Public Media in a statement. "Plus, Granite is a very stable, high quality production switcher, and provides the tools we need for sophisticated live multi-camera video programs and event productions."

In the station's Content Production Center, WHYY produces a number of original programs, including First, a 30-minute newsmagazine.

"To leverage the capital investment in the space, we decided to take a unique approach to the design of our new HD control room," added Weber in a statement. "Instead of the traditional consoles, we installed a collection of ‘activity pods' that can be used together during a production or used independently for content creation when the studio is not in use.

Broadcast Pix Granite made the configuration possible because of its unique approach to file management."