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The Weather Company has launched a redesigned new homepage for that focuses on local experiences, revamped look and improved navigation.

"We've been hard at work on our next evolution of the homepage and have completely reimagined it all based on user feedback," said Cameron Clayton, president, digital division, at The Weather Company in a statement. "The new page previously launched in beta to a small portion of users, and our engagement is taking off with the new features and unparalleled access to weather analysis. The increased local relevance and reimagined news storytelling creates an experience that prioritizes the most important local information for our customers, and exploring our exclusive coverage is easier than ever before."

As part of the push to localize the home page, users will now show local forecast, local weather alerts, local traffic information, and local news right on the homepage.

The redesign is also optimized to work on a variety of screen sizes from large screen TVs to tablets and mobile phones and features simplified navigation tools.

Looking forward the company plans to expand its already extensive social media features and to improve existing user generated features.