The Weather Channel Secures Cable Carriage for HD Service

The Weather Channel said its new high-definition service is now ready to go and has secured carriage with one major cable operator in addition to satellite-TV operator DirecTV, which will offer the new channel as part of its dramatic HD ramp-up.

The Weather Channel HD is now being pumped via fiber to DirecTV headquarters in California, spokeswoman Connie Malko said, although DirecTV hasn't yet begun broadcasts from its new DirecTV 10 satellite.

CNN HD has been in a similar position since Sept. 1, when it declared itself ready for day-to-day operations.

Malko won't disclose which major cable operator will launch the HD service in October. TWC said it signed additional deals with two other distributors to launch the HD service.

“Our distribution partners are moving forward with satisfying their customers’ demand for more compelling HD programming, and they see The Weather Channel as assisting them in satisfying this demand,” said Becky Powhatan, executive vice president for distribution and business affairs and general counsel for TWC Cos., in a statement.

Since TWC’s new HD studio isn't ready yet, the network will offer mostly upconverted studio content. True HD content will consist of primetime programs such as Epic Conditions and Weatherventures running Monday-Friday starting Oct. 1. Another HD program, 100 Biggest Weather Moments, will air Saturdays and Sundays.