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WealthTV Picks Level 3 for Streaming to Roku Set-Tops

Level 3 Communications will deliver the live feed of WealthTV's
specialty lifestyle channel over the Internet to Roku's Internet set-top
boxes -- and not incidentally, both Level 3 and WealthTV have been foes
of Comcast.

Last fall, Netflix picked Level 3 as one of its
primary content delivery networks. As a result, Level 3 requested
significant more capacity to Comcast's network.

The MSO responded that, like other CDNs, it would need to pay for the asymmetric traffic load. That led Level 3 to charge that Comcast is violating network neutrality rules by setting up a "toll booth" to deliver content to consumers.

meanwhile, previously filed a program carriage complaint against
Comcast and other big MSOs, but a Federal Communications Commission
administrative law judge ruled WealthTV did not demonstrate any of them
had discriminated against it. Last year, WealthTV also filed a petition
asking the FCC to block Comcast's deal for NBC Universal.

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