WDAF Goes ProHD Route

Fox affiliate WDAF in Kansas City, Mo.
has become the latest Local TV LLC station to adopt JVC's ProHD camcorders for
local newsgathering, buying 16 solid-state GY-HM700ULL units.

Most of WDAF's camcorders are
paired with Canon 14x zoom lenses, but two are equipped with Canon 20x zoom
lenses. The HM700ULL camcorders the station has purchased feature JVC's "LoLux"
capability for improved image capture in low-light conditions. Cameras with the
LoLux feature, which JVC specifically developed to address one of broadcasters'
complaints about the 1/3-inch imagers used in ProHD camcorders, are only sold
directly by JVC and are not available through dealers.

"It gives the shooter in the field
the ability to go into a lower-light situation than would normally be possible
and still come out with video," explains JVC VP Larry Librach.

WGHP, Local TV's Fox affiliate in
the Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem,
N.C. market, purchased 16 of the
same JVC camcorders last month.

Other groups who have broadly
adopted ProHD include Scripps, Newport Television and Nexstar Broadcasting.