WCSC Pairs Kaleido-X Multi-Viewer With HD Newscast Monitoring

When Charleston’s WCSC launched one of South Carolina’s first full high-definition newscasts in September, it also introduced a new Kaleido-X multi-image display system from Miranda Technologies to monitor it.

The Kaleido-X system currently displays 48 inputs over eight 40" LCD screens situated in the station's main control room, the producer 'cockpit' and the audio booth.

"We customised the display walls using Miranda's XEdit configuration software so our control room operators, producers and technical directors would all be able to view what's most important to them for their different roles,” Mike Guthrie, Chief Engineer at WCSC, said in a prepared statement. "Kaleido-X has made life much easier in terms of running our multi-news operations from two studios. It can completely change the display layout across multiple areas, from our primary CBS news to our local Fox-affiliated news programming, all at the push of a button."

WCSC's Kaleido-X system interfaces to a Snell & Wilcox Kahuna production switcher, providing tally updates and source labels in the monitoring display.

The station plans to expand its Kaleido-X system to allow monitoring on a fourth multi-image display in the newsroom, which will act as a back-drop for shots of newscaster talents in-front of camera.