Waterman Expands ProHD Use

Waterman Broadcasting has purchased JVC GY-HD250 ProHD high-definition cameras for WZVN, the ABC affiliate in Fort Myers, Fla., where they will be used as the station’s primary studio cameras.

Waterman, which had previously purchased ProHD 100 Series cameras for WZVN for field acquisition, has installed the new GY-HD250 cameras on Telemetrics robotic mounts for full pan-and-tilt control. It is one of several station groups, including Scripps http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6450374.html?q=JVC+Scripps, to invest in ProHD, which is based on the compressed HDV format and captures video in the native 720-line progressive scan format used by ABC and Fox.

“The GY-HD250 is the perfect choice for our ABC affiliate because of the camera’s native 720p format and the HD-SDI direct output,” said Dan Billings, Waterman’s director of engineering and technology, in a statement.  “We also chose JVC because the GY-HD250 integrates well with our Telemetric robotics. The performance of the camera is truly amazing, especially at its price.”